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Dear Festividder,

Hello!! Thank you SO much for making me a vid! I can’t wait to see what you are able to come up with. I am very easy to please and will likely flail at you for years to come, so please don’t feel obligated to stick to any of the fandom specificities listed below — it’s only to help you understand what I love about the source so much and to give you guidance if you feel you need some sort of prompting.

Music: Anything is fine! I mostly listen to 80s rock, 90s and current pop, and a cappella. I am not super fond of country, but hey, if it works for the vid, please go for it. Most of the bands/songs I really hate end up being vidded by somebody, and then I start liking it, so that’s never really been an issue. It’s more important to me that the song works for the vid.

Likes: I love all types of vids! I am mostly drawn to character studies, family/group feels, and vids I can dance to. I mostly love when I can tell the vidder cares very deeply about the thing they are vidding.

Dislikes: Not too picky, here. I generally don’t love a lot of dialogue in vids (though for Leslie Jones, I’d be quite open to it), and am not usually a fan of lots of flashy effects on live action material. I also have a strange but real fear of fish larger than goldfish (especially dead ones) so please don’t include those if they pop up in your source-hunting.

Onto the requests (many gifs under the cuts)!

Nightwing: The Series [Safety] )

Catfish: The TV Show )

RPF - Leslie Jones )

Queen Sugar )

RuPaul's Drag Race )

Hawkeye v4 (2012-2015, Matt Fraction) )

The Jungle Book (2016) [Safety] )

Thank you again, Festividder! Please enjoy yourself and don't stress out too much. I am so excited to see the final product!

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Fandom: The Sims
Title: Our House
Vidder: [personal profile] elipie
Song: "Our House" by Madness
Length: 3:11
Summary: There's always something happening...
Content Notes: Choose not to give
Other Notes: Made for VividCon 2016 Premieres for [personal profile] fan_eunice! <3
Download, stream, and more notes under the cut )
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Fandom: Gotham
Title: Spirits
Vidder: [personal profile] elipie
Song: "Spirits" by The Strumbellas
Length: 3:11
Summary: Maybe we don't wanna change
Content Notes: graphic violence, physical triggers, body horror, mutilated corpses, murder, child harm, depressed children, needles, guns, knives, blood, terrorism, torture, falling from heights, hallucinations, amputated body parts, institutional violence, ymmv canon mental ableism, momentary shaky camera, watermelon harm
Other Notes: Made for the VividCon 2016 Auction show, for [personal profile] thirdblindmouse!
Download, stream, and more notes under the cut )
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Apparently I am INCREDIBLY PREDICTABLE this year, as 2 of my 3 recipients correctly guessed me in the Guess The Festividder post. Granted, I wasn't exactly sneaky this year, but I'm still impressed! I should try to hide myself a little better next year. :D

I made:

Beautiful Life (Supergirl) for Talumin
See You Again (Girl Meets World) for bingeling
I Gotta Feeling (Hamilton) for SDWolfpup

And I was gifted with five INCREDIBLE vids by valoise, kiki_miserychic, chaila, violace, and echan. Thank you all so much!!!
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Fandom: Supergirl
Title: Beautiful Life
Vidder: [personal profile] elipie
Song: "Beautiful Life" by Ace of Base
Length: 3:23
Summary: I just wanna be here beside you.
Notes: Made for Festivids 2015 for [personal profile] talumin!

Download, stream, and more notes under the cut )
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Fandom: Girl Meets World
Title: See You Again
Vidder: [personal profile] elipie
Song: "When Can I See You Again?" by Owl City
Length: 3:20
Summary: It's just a matter of time before we learn how to fly
Notes: Made for Festivids 2015 for [personal profile] bingeling!

Download, stream, and more notes under the cut )
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Fandom: Hamilton
Title: I Gotta Feeling
Vidder: [personal profile] elipie
Song: "I Gotta Feeling" by The Black Eyed Peas
Length: 4:07
Summary: Go out and smash it!
Notes: Made for Festivids 2015 for [personal profile] sdwolfpup!

Download, stream, and more notes under the cut )
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Hi, Festividder, hiiiii!

You are the best! Thank you for making me a vid! I swear you won't regret it. I love all sorts of vids, especially ones made just for me, and I will squee at you forever. :D

I'm super easy to please. I like almost all music, but I'll be won over by any music I don't normally like if it works well in a vid. If you need more direction, I am always a fan of pop music, and lately have been listening to music along the lines of Tears For Fears, Depeche Mode, and Radiohead. I generally gravitate towards vids that really show that the vidder *loves* the source. If you enjoy making it, I'll enjoy watching it. That's more important to me than following anything more specific I say below.

Fandoms! Details! If you need some sort of prompt, I kinda-sorta will give that to you below. Mostly it's "Blah blah blah I love this character and this character and -- oh, just vid anything. I will love it." But hopefully it will be a tiny bit helpful!

A Deadly Adoption [Safety] )
Animorphs )
Catfish: The TV Show )
Jane The Virgin )
The Loft [Safety] )
Mr. Robot )
RuPaul's Drag Race )
Supergirl )

Thanks again, Festividder! Can't wait to see what you come up with!
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Fandom: The Flash
Title: Complicated
Vidder: [personal profile] elipie and [personal profile] kuwdora
Song: "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne
Length: 4:07
Pairing: Barry Allen/Harrison Wells
Summary: You look like a fool to me.
Warnings: Major spoilers for season 1, canon violence, character death, Barry cries a lot

Download, stream, and more notes under the cut )
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Fandom: Ultimate Spider-Man
Title: I Just Wanna Live
Vidder: [personal profile] elipie
Song: "I Just Wanna Live" by Good Charlotte
Length: 2:39
Summary: Peter Parker: Human Disaster
Notes: Made for Club Vivid at VividCon 2015. For [personal profile] kuwdora! <3

Download, stream, and more notes under the cut )
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Fandom: Two Brothers
Title: On My Way Home
Vidder: [personal profile] elipie
Song: "On My Way Home" by Pentatonix
Length: 3:15
Summary: Where will I run to?
Warnings: animal abuse, animal death, captivity, weapons, slight blood/gore, possibly offensive in-source racial caricatures
Notes: Made for the VividCon 2015 themed show, "Lions and Tigers and Vids, Oh My!"

Download, stream, and more notes under the cut )
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Fandom: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Title: Perfect Day
Vidder: [personal profile] elipie
Song: "Perfect Day" by Hoku
Length: 2:40
Summary: Nothing's gonna bring me down!
Notes: Made for VividCon 2015 Premieres

Download, stream, and more notes under the cut )
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I am VJing one vidshow and co-VJing another, and will happily take suggestions/premieres!

The first show I'm VJing is Lions and Tigers and Vids, Oh My!, a vidshow all about animals. One vid per animal (unless the vid has multiple animals, in which case a repeat is okay with me). I'm mostly looking for vids in the point of view of the animal, but I welcome any and all suggestions.

The one I'm co-VJing with [personal profile] milly is Game Plan, a sports vidshow! For this one, we're hoping to include both RPF sports and sources with a sports focus.

If you are interested in making a premiere for either of these vidshows, we would love that! You can comment here or message me or [personal profile] milly. Additionally, if you think you want to make a premiere but don't have any ideas, I have a giant list of sources/animals/sports that I'm sad there aren't vids for, so hit me up. If you have vid suggestions for either show, you can contact one of us personally or use the form on the website when it goes up.
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This Festivids was AMAAAAAZING! I love everything I received (thank you again, vidders!!!) and I think this was one of my best years for vid-making, too. Here is what I made:

Dynamite (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) for [personal profile] ciaimpala
The Runner (The Flash) for [personal profile] talumin
Classic (Barbie: Life In The Dreamhouse) for [personal profile] bananainpyjamas

All streaming/download links and extended notes are at my individual vidposts.

No one officially pegged me for any of these! A few people had their suspicions about the latter two, which might mean my style/interests are starting to get a bit clearer as I grow as a vidder (or I just couldn't shut my mouth about Barry Allen on twitter). I really, genuinely enjoyed making all of these and am glad people got something out of them. Squee!
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Fandom: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Title: Dynamite
Vidder: [personal profile] elipie
Song: "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz
Length: 3:22
Summary: "That's how we do it in the Nine-Nine, sir. Catch bad guys and look good doing it."
Notes: Made for Festivids 2014 for ciaimpala!

Download, stream, and more notes under the cut )
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Fandom: The Flash
Title: The Runner
Vidder: [personal profile] elipie
Song: "The Walker" by Fitz & The Tantrums
Length: 3:37
Summary: Here we go
Notes: Made for Festivids 2014 for Talumin!

Download, stream, and more notes under the cut )
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Fandom: Barbie: Life In The Dreamhouse
Title: Classic
Vidder: [personal profile] elipie
Song: "Classic" by MKTO
Length: 2:51
Summary: Ken <3s Barbie.
Notes: Made for Festivids 2014 for dragonchic!

Download, stream, and more notes under the cut )


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