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Dear Festividder,

Hello! Thank you so much for making me a vid! Please know that I will absolutely adore anything you decide to make for any of these fandoms. I am requesting them all for a reason, and it's because I love them all dearly from the bottom of my heart. Making something YOU want to make is more important to me than matching my every need and request. When someone vids something they really want to be vidding, it always shines through, and it's one of my favorite things about watching other people's work.

Music - Any music is fine. I trust that you'll use what works best for your vid. If you need some direction, I generally like fast-paced songs, rock, mash-ups, alternative, indie, pop, rap, 90s rock, etc. If you are really stuck on something, feel free to comment anonymously, but really, any music is totally okay. :)

Requests - These are all just guidelines, and like I said, I'd rather have you make a vid that you want to make than try to make something you don't love just to make something you know I'll love. I WILL LOVE IT, trust me. I'm incredibly easy to please. I will be bouncing off the walls at go-live, don't you worry. Generally speaking (and this will become very apparent as you click through the lj cuts below), I love ladies, teamwork, friendship, and personality. I like fun vids, action vids, cheesy vids, comedic vids, serious vids, dark vids… ALL THE VIDS. Here are some more details on all the fandoms I've requested (AKA here is a copypasta of my sign-up form):

Man, I don't even know what I want for this. I love all of them so much. Part of me wants a team vid, part of me wants a BAMF Rachel vid, and part of me wants an insanely dramatic Tobias vid to a sad Goo Goo Dolls song or something. Just have fun with this. I know the source is super crappy, but I don't really care. I was a member of the Animorphs Fan Club back in the day. I have my poster, lanyard, and CD-ROM game to prove it.

Okay, I know this is kind of hard because of her lack of screentime, but I LOOOOVE Emma Decody. So much. I would love to see a character study for her. I would also love to see anything about Norma (which is probably much easier to vid, too, lol). Vera Farmiga is amazing and there's so much potential there for something complex, whether it's about her, her relationship with her kids, her relationship with the motel…

I LOVE THIS SHOW A LOT, OKAY? Basically Barbara Gordon is my everything and I would sever my limbs to see a kickass Batgirl vid. It can be serious, it can be campy, it can be team-centered, I don't even care. I only ask that you involve Barbara somehow, even if she's not the main focus.

I just want the most ridiculous, over-the-top vid you can possibly make. HAVE ALL THE FUN.

Eeee okay. I just fell in love with this show a few months ago and I just love (almost) everyone. I'd really be happy with any vid for this show, but if you want some direction, my favorite characters are Layla, Rayyan, and Amaar. An ensemble vid would be great, too! Are you sensing a theme, here?

LADIES. JESY. PERRIE. LADIIIIIES. These girls are all so wonderful and incredibly talented! I just have a lot of feels about the four of them being such close friends and goofing around with each other but also being SO SUPPORTIVE of each other and never letting anyone put herself down. As you may have figured out, I'm kind of obsessed with Jesy, and also Perrie, and also OT4 because strong, diverse, amazing ladies = YES.

It's Spaaaay-aaaay-aaaay-aaaace Case-uhs! Doot doot! This was my favorite show growing up and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I, unsurprisingly, would love an ensemble vid of everyone working together to solve problems and be an awesome space cadet team. I would also love something focusing on Catalina and Suzee's friendship -- which I understand is kind of a rough request, considering they live in different dimensions and I think are only on screen together once in the entire series. So maybe something that parallels them? Or just something that focuses on one of them or the other? OR A THELMA VID. Thelma would be SO much fun to vid. Do whatever you want. Go crazy!

I really really really love this show. It's my favorite show ever. Let me tell you something about myself. I have a BA in Studio Television Production. This show is like TV porn for me. Anything focusing on the technical aspects of a TV production, all the drama/rushing around behind the scenes, etc. would probably make my brain explode with delight. Besides that, I do love Jordan McDeere with all my heart and would like to be her someday. I love pretty much every other character as well, so I will leave this one up to you, dear festividder. My only request is that the focus not be on Harriet, though it's totally fine if she's in it or if the focus is on the Big Three.

So that is it, Dear Festividder! Go at it, have fun, and make the vid of your heart! As always, treats are more than welcome, too!

<3 elipie
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