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Dear Equinox vidder,

Hi! Thank you for making me a vid! I'm very easy to please and make big sparkly puppy eyes at anything that's made for me. :D

Music: I generally am not a big fan of country music, but if it's something that works for the vid, I'm all in. I especially like 90s alt rock & pop, classic rock, 80s synth pop, top 40, and alt rock from all decades. However, I definitely prefer music that benefits the vid over music I'd normally listen to, so trust your vidder instincts over my musical preferences!

Vid preferences: I am not very picky! I do prefer that dialogue is sparingly used or not used at all, but otherwise I really enjoy all different styles of vids. I am generally mostly drawn to team/friendship/found family feels, celebratory vids, and character studies. The only things I can think of that I have a rough time with seeing are animal death, severe depression, and drug abuse, but am okay with all of those in vids if they're warned for. Mostly, I like vids that are made for me. :D

To the requests!

I love this series, both books and TV series, with every fibre of my being. All of the animorphs have been my favorite at some point, so I'd be thrilled with pretty much anything you decide to do (maaaybe not a vid about how great the yeerks are?). I'd love a character study, a team vid, or a pairing vid (any pairing!). OR, if you want the challenge of making something serious, it'd be really interesting to see a vid about the animorphs coming to terms with the fact that some of their loved ones have been taken over by the yeerks, and have been for a while (Marco and Jake in particular have some really good visual source for this).

Bates Motel
Make me something creepy! Norma, Norman, Norma/Norman... I'm here for all of it. The other characters are okay too, but I'd love something that focuses on one or both of them. Or Emma! I love Emma.

Harriet the Spy
I haven't watched this movie in foreeeever, but young elipie loved it so much, she tied up the phone line for several hours calling Nickelodeon, trying to win a spy kit (she did not win, and was very sad about it). I love baby Michelle Trachtenberg and Gregory Smith and this is weirdly how I first heard of Rosie O'Donnell, I'm pretty sure. I'd be very happy with anything you decide to do!

Queen Sugar
I'll admit I haven't seen any of season 2 yet, but I plan to catch up over the next few weeks! All the Bordelon siblings are so great, though, and I love them all for different reasons. A few vids I'd love to see are: the siblings and their individual struggles (and/or their relationships with each other), Ralph Angel and Blue's relationship, Nova and her activism, Charley's life flipping upside down and her realization that she didn't know her husband like she thought she did.

Stand By Me
This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I'd really love a focus on the friendship feels, especially between Gordie and Chris, and the idea that family doesn't always have to be who you're related to.


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