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Fandom: Two Brothers
Title: On My Way Home
Vidder: [personal profile] elipie
Song: "On My Way Home" by Pentatonix
Length: 3:15
Summary: Where will I run to?
Warnings: animal abuse, animal death, captivity, weapons, slight blood/gore, possibly offensive in-source racial caricatures
Notes: Made for the VividCon 2015 themed show, "Lions and Tigers and Vids, Oh My!"

MP4 Download (44MB) (right click & save)
Alternate streaming option

Password: sadtigers

This vid was so hard to make, especially with my orange tabby sitting on my lap. I made the mistake of planning this vid before watching the movie. I wanted to make a vid about these tigers' journey, which I… did? But I didn't know how depressing this children's movie (yes, you read that correctly) would be! I do think it's important to bring awareness to and make people uncomfortable about animal abuse, fighting rings and unnecessary hunting, because I think people forget how common it is sometimes. At a rescue center, I used to care for an incredibly special dog named Precious who was used as bait in a fighting ring before she was rescued (she obviously has PTSD but is doing really well now!) so this is an issue that stings a lot, and it felt wrong to back out of touching upon it. On that note, I totally understand people wanting to close their eyes or never wanting to watch this again. That's kind of how I felt as I was making it -- I had to take several breaks, and this thing took months to finish because it was so emotionally taxing. I'm a little nervous about the reception of this vid, because I've never made anything like this before, it's full of triggers, and I feel like I'm smacking everyone's sunburn, but I'm putting it out there anyway. Please go snuggle an animal and don't wear real fur!

Date: 2015-08-20 12:24 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] bironic
This vid is difficult to watch and also so so beautiful. The song choice really hits both emotions as well, this haunting wail. It hit me hard at the VVC show and I'm glad to be able to download it now for more viewings in the future.


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