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It's the end of the year already! Vidding meme for 2015!

Classic (Barbie: Life In The Dreamhouse)
The Runner (The Flash)
Dynamite (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

Perfect Day (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)
On My Way Home (Two Brothers)
I Just Wanna Live (Ultimate Spider-Man)

Complicated (The Flash) [collab with [personal profile] kuwdora]

Total Vids: 7

My favourite video this year (of my own):
This is tough! I think I Just Wanna Live is the winner though, because the point of it is pretty clear and I'm proud of my transitions in this one.

My least favourite video this year:
Hmm, probably Perfect Day. It was fine, and I don't regret making it, but it's just probably the one I was the least happy with at the end of the day.

Most successful video
Dynamite. I don't think there's any argument, there!

Video most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
I didn't get much feedback on I Just Wanna Live, which made me sad because it's my favorite of the bunch this year. On the other hand, I kind of expected that to happen because it premiered in the middle of Club Vivid, when everyone was drunk.

Most fun video:
5/7 of my vids this year were fun! I guess I'd go with Dynamite?

Video with single sexiest moment:
Not really a single moment but :40-:59 of The Runner. GUH. So proud of that whole section.

Biggest vid fail:
Getting the source for USM was the biggest pain in the ass!!! I had to leave the DivX watermark on all my clips because it refused to go away unless I converted to DV, which significantly lowered the already terrible video quality. /o\

Hardest video to make:
On My Way Home, for sure. It was a huge challenge to vid something so sad and close to my heart. I also normally edit pretty happy and easily accessible vids, and it was weird making a vid that contained footage that only maybe five people would end up watching. It's something *I* probably wouldn't watch if someone else made it, but I think making it myself helped me emotionally heal.

Most unintentionally telling video:
Classic! It was supposed to just be a fun Barbie vid, but it kinda accidentally had a message?

Things I learned this year:
I can successfully vid things that aren't happy and boppy, if I put my mind to it! That said, I should also keep making happy boppy things, because they are what I enjoy making the most. I've stopped making vids with a large audience in mind and have started making vids that I personally want to see more of, and doing that has ironically given me a larger audience.

For 2016:
I don't know! I would love to make a Legends of Tomorrow vid, once that starts airing, and will hopefully do more Flash vids (and collabs with [personal profile] kuwdora). I'm cooking up a few festivids right now, and will surely have some VividCon vids pop out, but I have no idea what they'll be. I'm hoping to take it easy and do what I can without stressing out too much. I want to make vidding more like a hobby and less like work!
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