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Dear Festividder,

Hello!! Thank you SO much for making me a vid! I can’t wait to see what you are able to come up with. I am very easy to please and will likely flail at you for years to come, so please don’t feel obligated to stick to any of the fandom specificities listed below — it’s only to help you understand what I love about the source so much and to give you guidance if you feel you need some sort of prompting.

Music: Anything is fine! I mostly listen to 80s rock, 90s and current pop, and a cappella. I am not super fond of country, but hey, if it works for the vid, please go for it. Most of the bands/songs I really hate end up being vidded by somebody, and then I start liking it, so that’s never really been an issue. It’s more important to me that the song works for the vid.

Likes: I love all types of vids! I am mostly drawn to character studies, family/group feels, and vids I can dance to. I mostly love when I can tell the vidder cares very deeply about the thing they are vidding.

Dislikes: Not too picky, here. I generally don’t love a lot of dialogue in vids (though for Leslie Jones, I’d be quite open to it), and am not usually a fan of lots of flashy effects on live action material. I also have a strange but real fear of fish larger than goldfish (especially dead ones) so please don’t include those if they pop up in your source-hunting.

Onto the requests (many gifs under the cuts)!

Nightwing: The Series [Safety]

(gifs from here)

(gifs from here)



For those not familiar, this is a really impressive fanmade webseries. It has its cringey moments (especially in the beginning), but overall it’s so good and I absolutely loved it! Danny Shepherd is really great as Nightwing, the fight choreography is incredible, and the whole thing is just soooo pretty.

I would be over the moon for any vid of this series! It’s only about 50 minutes, so please feel free to use outside footage (BTS footage, comics, animation, etc.) to supplement if you need/want to (but don’t feel pressured — just an option I am open to). As far as the webseries itself goes, I am particularly fond of any fight scenes involving Nightwing, and Dick’s interactions with Bruce, Babs, and Jason.

Catfish: The TV Show


Repeat request from last year! There are two different types of vids I would love to see for this:

1. I'd be really interested to see a vid exploring the catfishing itself -- the naivety, the heartbreak, the meltdowns, etc. and form some sort of narrative.

2. Shipper vid! I ship Nev & Max with all my heart, and god knows there's more than enough footage of them touching and flirting (see above gifs) for this to be a thing. I'm actually really surprised that I was only able to find one or two shipper vids of these two, because wow.

RPF - Leslie Jones


Ahhhhhhh Leslie Jones!! I love her so much! I fell in love with her on SNL, and that love grew when I saw Ghostbusters, and exploded when I found her Twitter account! I love everything she has ever done, and there is so much you can pull from to make an awesome vid -- SNL, Ghostbusters, interviews, stand-up, tweets & twitter videos, etc.

A vid celebrating how fucking awesome and hilarious she is would make me incredibly happy. Would also be thrilled with a vid of her friendships with her fellow SNL & Ghostbusters ladies, but would like the focus to be on Leslie.

Queen Sugar

(gifs from here)

(gifs from here)


This shooooow <3333 It was so hard to pick out gifs because there are so many good ones! And there are so many complex characters and relationships that it’s hard to name just one or two things I love the most!

That said, I would love anything focusing on any or all of the three siblings. At first I was sure I wanted a vid about Ralph Angel and Blue… Blue is just the cutest thing, and Ralph Angel is trying so hard to be a good dad and a good person, and he just has a lot to work through. And Nova has such an important storyline, is so incredibly fierce and powerful even though she’s constantly swimming against the current. And man, life just keeps trying to beat Charley down. She doesn’t always have the best judgment, but she will not let anything get in her way no matter what, and I admire her so much for that.

So yeah. Do your thing. I love everybody.

RuPaul’s Drag Race


Another repeat request from last year! Alyssa Edwards is still my fave and I would be SO delighted to see a vid of her (or her past rivalry with Coco), but also wow, I totally fell in love with Tati on All Stars 2! My other favorite queens are Violet Chachki, Katya, Kim Chi, and Sharon Needles. I would be THRILLED with a vid for any or all of those queens!

I haven’t seen seasons 1 or 2 so although I wouldn’t mind some footage from those, I’d prefer less focus on queens from those two seasons (unless it’s Tati). If you decide to focus on a specific queen and want to use some outside footage (interviews, webseries, etc), go for it!

Hawkeye v4 (2012-2015, Matt Fraction)


I adore this comic so much! I read it all really really fast so admittedly I don't remember every single thing that happened here, but I really enjoy Clint and Kate working together and was sad when Kate left. Anything about their friendship (or lack thereof) would be awesome, as would a sole focus on either of them. I do hope for at least one "Okay... This looks bad", if not several.

I will be honestly so excited if anything at all gets made for this fandom, since I am well aware that comics can be intimidating to vid. If you have ever wanted to try vidding comics and are nervous about it, and if you enjoy Hawkeye at all, please don't let a lack of experience stop you from giving it a shot! I am easy to please and am guaranteed to love anything that has "for elipie" slapped on it somewhere.

The Jungle Book (2016) [Safety]

(gifs from here)

I totally cried into my popcorn bucket from the back row of the movie theatre when I saw this. I thought the CGI and cinematography was so beautiful, and loved Neel Sethi as Mowgli. This has such potential to be a gorgeous vid, visually and emotionally. Would love something about Mowgli's confidence and the idea of a found family.

Thank you again, Festividder! Please enjoy yourself and don't stress out too much. I am so excited to see the final product!


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