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Vidding round-up meme time!


I Gotta Feeling (Hamilton)
See You Again (Girl Meets World)
Beautiful Life (Supergirl)

Spirits (Gotham)
Our House (The Sims)

Total Vids: 5

My favourite video this year (of my own):
This is always hard, because they are all my babies! Probably the one I like the most based on both the construction and how much it makes me smile is I Gotta Feeling.

My least favourite video this year:
I think Beautiful Life. I do like it but it's so similar to The Runner and I probably could have done something more with it.

Most successful video:

Our House, with I Gotta Feeling in a close second.

Video most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
I don't necessarily think they were under-appreciated for what they were, but See You Again and Beautiful Life were significantly less popular than the other three.

Most fun video:
Our House. No question.

Video with single sexiest moment:
The person showering on top of another person showering in Our House! :P Honestly though, didn't really have any moments or sequences this year that I can really consider "sexy". But Lin-Manuel Miranda looking out into the audience from the stage, like "Wow, this is the best fucking thing" makes me clutch my heart the most.

Biggest vid fail:
Probably when I forgot to keep track of all the source videos for The Sims, and then felt guilty and searched the name of every single video I downloaded (like, 100) so I could credit everybody properly.

Hardest video to make:
None of them were particularly hard, but I probably worked the hardest on Spirits because it was being paid for, it went through a lot of revisions, and it had quite a bit of depth.

Most unintentionally telling video:
I Gotta Feeling. It was originally just made to celebrate Hamilton and the actors' dedication to it, but it ended up holding more of a narrative than I intended. Also, my narrative was very heavily influenced by my 10 active years in theatre, which I didn't realize until it was pointed out at VividCon.

Things I learned this year:
I now know how to please the VividCon Premieres audience. I also did Auction for the first time this year, and learned that I end up much more satisfied and confident with my vids if I work very heavily with a beta (especially if the vid is for that person!)

Things to work on:
If I'm going to make a very similar vid to one I've made before, I should probably think of something to add into the new vid that will make it feel more fresh and dynamic. 

For 2016:
Due to life happenings, I am expecting to have a similar vid turnout next year as I did this year, which is a bit lower than usual. BUT! I do have a few Festivids in the works, and two other vids that I'm making for people. I definitely want to make a Lego Batman vid once that comes out. And I'd like to try actually finishing Festivid WIPs after reveals, because I always think about it and never do. I'm also hoping to make something for TGIFemslash! 
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