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Fandom: Stranger By the Lake/L'Inconnu du lac (2013)
Title: To The Edge
Vidder: [personal profile] elipie
Song: "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi" by Radiohead
Length: 03:04
Summary: I follow to the edge of the earth and fall off
Content Notes: sex, nudity, anal penetration, drowning, murder, on screen character death, sexual choking, blood, emotional trauma
Other Notes: Made for [personal profile] bironic for Festivids 2016!
MOV Download (right click & save)
Tumblr link

Password: murdersex

So I did something this year that I very rarely do: I watched a source after seeing it on someone's Dear Festividder letter, and then decided to offer it. The film was so unique and beautiful, and I knew something really interesting could be done with it.

This was definitely a challenge for me! The source and the type of vid were both very unfamiliar territory for me, but I had an idea of how I wanted to tackle this once I watched the movie, and I knew bironic would pick up on all of the nuances and symbolism (and she DID and it made me SO HAPPY).

It was weird to go against the grain, in some ways -- like, usually, letting clips breathe for a while and using the same clips more than once is a big no-no, but I think those were two really important aspects of this vid. Thankfully I have never gone through what Franck did, but I have suffered from PTSD myself, and so it was interesting and important for me to figure out how to visually convey those emotions. On a different note, building a visual orgasm was the best thing ever, and you should all try it.

Also, what are outlines? I had an outline for this vid. And a structure? Usually I just plop things down and it ends up working eventually. This was more like building a house of cards.

Anyway, I'm really happy with how this turned out. This was definitely one of the lesser known Festivids sources this year, so I hope people seek it out (it's on Netflix!).

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