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Thank you for making me a vid! I usually have fairly specific requests for exchanges but this time I mostly have no idea what I want, so I'm sorry in advance! I will do my best to give guidance! But tbh you should do whatever you want -- I will be really happy with anything!

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
Characters: Finn
I am pretty much cool with whatever you want to do, here! I specified Finn because I haven't really seen any vids primarily focused on him and I would especially love to see him in the limelight here, but honestly I'm good with anything that's not focused on Kylo, Kylo/Hux, Kylo/Rey, or Kylo/anything. Lol. I love the main trio, BB-8, Han, Leia and the two seconds of Luke.

Space Exploration RPF
Characters: John Glenn
Anything you can think of would be so cool! I specified John Glenn because I have a lot of John Glenn feelings and was so sad when he died last year, so I'd love to see some sort of tribute to him and/or the Friendship 7. Alternately, I would love a vid about Saturn, because it's my favorite planet! :) 

Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
This series would be SO COOL to see in vid form! I don't even know how it's possible -- it seems incredibly difficult, in fact -- so I have no ideas here. I love this series and would be so thrilled to see a vid or book trailer for it.

Space Cases
Characters: Catalina, Suzee, Bova
Relationships: Harlan Band/Radu, Catalina/Suzee
Okay, THIS fandom I have ideas for! Lol. This was my favorite show as a kid and I taped it every week (bc it aired on Sundays and my parents dragged me to church), and I still rewatch it every year or two because it brings me such joy. For this fandom, I would love a character focus or shippy vid! I shipped Catalina/Suzee before I knew shipping was even a thing. I also had a huge crush on Catalina, and she is the reason Saturn is my favorite planet. I know it's a bit hard to vid Catalina/Suzee as a pairing because they are literally in different dimensions, but if you can manage it, that would make my 7-year-old heart dance! Harlan/Radu would also be so great! I didn't ship them back in the day, but now I totally do. Bova is one of my favorite characters because he's a little smartass and is not here for your shit. ANYWAY. Clearly I would be delighted with anything you decide to make!

Apollo 13
TBH I haven't watched this movie in forever, but I do remember it was really good and it made me super emotional. I have a lot of feelings about space missions, and I think the emotional buildup would work really well in vid form. I'd be really pleased with anything you wanted to do here.

Thank you!!


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