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I made some vids this year!!

To The Edge (Stranger by the Lake/L'Inconnu du lac) for [personal profile] bironic 

500 Miles (Pokemon Go) for [personal profile] such_heights 

Content notes, process notes, download links, streaming links, etc. can be found at the vidposts.

And absternr made me this INCREDIBLE Hawkeye vid. If you haven't seen it yet -- run, don't walk.

Yay, Festivids!

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Fandom: Pokémon Go
Title: 500 Miles
Vidder: [personal profile] elipie
Song: "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by The Proclaimers
Length: 02:10
Summary: I didn't walk 5 kilometers to get a fucking pidgey!
Content Notes: light flashes between 1:29 and 1:40
Other Notes: Made for [personal profile] such_heights for Festivids 2016!
Download, stream, and more notes under the cut )
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Fandom: Stranger By the Lake/L'Inconnu du lac (2013)
Title: To The Edge
Vidder: [personal profile] elipie
Song: "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi" by Radiohead
Length: 03:04
Summary: I follow to the edge of the earth and fall off
Content Notes: sex, nudity, anal penetration, drowning, murder, on screen character death, sexual choking, blood, emotional trauma
Other Notes: Made for [personal profile] bironic for Festivids 2016!
Download, stream, and more notes under the cut )
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Dear Festividder,

Hello!! Thank you SO much for making me a vid! I can’t wait to see what you are able to come up with. I am very easy to please and will likely flail at you for years to come, so please don’t feel obligated to stick to any of the fandom specificities listed below — it’s only to help you understand what I love about the source so much and to give you guidance if you feel you need some sort of prompting.

Music: Anything is fine! I mostly listen to 80s rock, 90s and current pop, and a cappella. I am not super fond of country, but hey, if it works for the vid, please go for it. Most of the bands/songs I really hate end up being vidded by somebody, and then I start liking it, so that’s never really been an issue. It’s more important to me that the song works for the vid.

Likes: I love all types of vids! I am mostly drawn to character studies, family/group feels, and vids I can dance to. I mostly love when I can tell the vidder cares very deeply about the thing they are vidding.

Dislikes: Not too picky, here. I generally don’t love a lot of dialogue in vids (though for Leslie Jones, I’d be quite open to it), and am not usually a fan of lots of flashy effects on live action material. I also have a strange but real fear of fish larger than goldfish (especially dead ones) so please don’t include those if they pop up in your source-hunting.

Onto the requests (many gifs under the cuts)!

Nightwing: The Series [Safety] )

Catfish: The TV Show )

RPF - Leslie Jones )

Queen Sugar )

RuPaul's Drag Race )

Hawkeye v4 (2012-2015, Matt Fraction) )

The Jungle Book (2016) [Safety] )

Thank you again, Festividder! Please enjoy yourself and don't stress out too much. I am so excited to see the final product!

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Apparently I am INCREDIBLY PREDICTABLE this year, as 2 of my 3 recipients correctly guessed me in the Guess The Festividder post. Granted, I wasn't exactly sneaky this year, but I'm still impressed! I should try to hide myself a little better next year. :D

I made:

Beautiful Life (Supergirl) for Talumin
See You Again (Girl Meets World) for bingeling
I Gotta Feeling (Hamilton) for SDWolfpup

And I was gifted with five INCREDIBLE vids by valoise, kiki_miserychic, chaila, violace, and echan. Thank you all so much!!!
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Hi, Festividder, hiiiii!

You are the best! Thank you for making me a vid! I swear you won't regret it. I love all sorts of vids, especially ones made just for me, and I will squee at you forever. :D

I'm super easy to please. I like almost all music, but I'll be won over by any music I don't normally like if it works well in a vid. If you need more direction, I am always a fan of pop music, and lately have been listening to music along the lines of Tears For Fears, Depeche Mode, and Radiohead. I generally gravitate towards vids that really show that the vidder *loves* the source. If you enjoy making it, I'll enjoy watching it. That's more important to me than following anything more specific I say below.

Fandoms! Details! If you need some sort of prompt, I kinda-sorta will give that to you below. Mostly it's "Blah blah blah I love this character and this character and -- oh, just vid anything. I will love it." But hopefully it will be a tiny bit helpful!

A Deadly Adoption [Safety] )
Animorphs )
Catfish: The TV Show )
Jane The Virgin )
The Loft [Safety] )
Mr. Robot )
RuPaul's Drag Race )
Supergirl )

Thanks again, Festividder! Can't wait to see what you come up with!
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This Festivids was AMAAAAAZING! I love everything I received (thank you again, vidders!!!) and I think this was one of my best years for vid-making, too. Here is what I made:

Dynamite (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) for [personal profile] ciaimpala
The Runner (The Flash) for [personal profile] talumin
Classic (Barbie: Life In The Dreamhouse) for [personal profile] bananainpyjamas

All streaming/download links and extended notes are at my individual vidposts.

No one officially pegged me for any of these! A few people had their suspicions about the latter two, which might mean my style/interests are starting to get a bit clearer as I grow as a vidder (or I just couldn't shut my mouth about Barry Allen on twitter). I really, genuinely enjoyed making all of these and am glad people got something out of them. Squee!
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Today was Festivids go-live day!! I still cannot believe I received six(!!!!!) absolutely wonderful vids. They all make me super happy and you should watch them immediately. <3

Batman - Adam West (1966)
Holy Dance Vid, Batman!
I am what I am
Kinky Neighbors

The Flash
The Scientist

Life After Beth
Love is Blue

Pit Bulls and Parolees
I'll be there for you

I've watched about a third of the vids so far, all over the alphabet (seriously -- my vid-watching group uses a number generator so we don't watch a billion vids for the same fandom in a row). Here are some of my favorites so far (that weren't made for me):

The Monster (Black Swan)
Lifesaver (The Cutting Edge)
Centuries (The Flash)
We're All In This Together (The Flash)
The Creationist (Good Eats)
Nothing But Time (Gravity)
Always A Good Time (Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters)
Moves Like Yaweh (Prince of Egypt)
Can't Stop (Romeo + Juliet)
I Could Be (Selfie)
Mirrors (Snow White and the Huntsman)

ETA: Forgot about Guess The Festividder! I made three vids. Can you guess them? You will win a thumbs up and an impressed facial expression from me if you can ping me for any. Here are your hints: One should be obvious for content, one should be obvious for style, and I'd never seen the third vid's source before it was requested for Festivids. None of them are sad (I realized today that I've literally never made a sad Festivid, so this is not really a hint, haha).
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Dear Festividder!

The exclamation point was originally a typo/me being a little too excited, and I was going to change it back, but that is silly, because I want you to know how incredibly excited I am for Festivids season! I will love anything and everything you decide to vid for me. It means to much to me that someone would put in so much time and effort into something to make me happy, even if it's for an exchange, so I really appreciate you already!

I really love all types of vids! The ones I usually gravitate towards are usually fun and energetic, team/ensemble, hopeful, and/or have a very clear and interesting narrative. Deep, thinky vids are great too, if that's your sort of thing! I'm generally not a fan of voiceovers and funky video filters, but if that's what works for the vid and/or if it adds meaning, have at it! I will love it.

Music doesn't really matter to me. I like pop, rock, alt, indie, rap, classic rock, 90s, instrumentals -- you name it. I'm not super fond of country, but honestly, I will like any song if it's the right one for the vid, even if I don't like the song on its own.

Here are the fandoms I'm requesting, with some guidelines, should you want to follow them. As always, feel free to make whatever you want! Don't worry if it's not what I ask for here -- I promise that I am incredibly easy to please!

Animorphs )

Batman - Adam West (1966) )

Life After Beth )

Malcolm in the Middle )

Pit Bulls and Parolees )

RPF - Paige (WWE) )

The Flash )

The Spectacular Spider-Man )

Thank you, thank you, thank you, festividder! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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It took me til Wednesday, but I've finally finished watching all the Festivids! I have 30 recs altogether, including the ones made just for meeeee! :D This year, instead of just listing them, I am putting them into categories that explain why I'm reccing them, and also to help guide people who actually might watch some of these if they're in the mood for something in particular. Here is the masterlist for Festivids 2013, because seriously, there are SO many wonderful vids that I'm not going to talk about here, and there's something for everyone on that list.

Vids made just for meeeeee!
I received three absolutely wonderful vids this year! This is the most vids I've ever received in one year, and all for fandoms I've been re-requesting since I first joined Festivids, so I was completely overjoyed to open my presents. :D

Live While We're Young (Space Cases) - This person either knows me or did their research, because Space Cases to a One Direction song, omg. And I thought the use of the Kidz Bop version was actually quite clever, because it fit the mood of the show better than the original, being a super dorky 90s kids sci-fi show. This vid absolutely captured the fun of the show and I can tell the vidder has as much love for it as I do.
Raise Your Glass (Space Cases) - I am a firm believer that every fandom needs a Raise Your Glass vid, but Space Cases is totally one of the most deserving of it, because if Space Cases didn't already have such an awesome theme song, this would be the perfect replacement. This vidder has a clear love for these characters and the ridiculous plotlines that mirrors mine, and the clips they decided to use had me clapping with glee, because they were some of my favorite memories of the show.
Sheep Go To Heaven (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) - This vid felt so thoughtful to me, because it wasn't a "yay, show!" vid, but rather a kind of snarky criticism of the entertainment industry, kind of like the show itself. I appreciated the direction this vid took more and more each time I watched it, and the song was a perfect match for the source. It had a wonderful abundance of my girl, Jordan McDeere, but it was also an expansive look at the show and characters in it's entirety, and I'm just so glad that someone finally made a vid of this show. <3

Other recs:

Awesome ladies/explosions/general actiony badassery
Run The World (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
Moves Like Jaeger (Pacific Rim)
Let's Get It Started (Raging Phoenix)
Diva Swing (RPF - A.J. Lee [WWE])
Breath of Life (Wonder Woman)

Friends to the End! (Child's Play aka Chucky series)
Ah Ha (Deep Blue Sea)
Radio (Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'?)
(You Drive Me) Crazy (Sharknado)
I'm British (Sleepy Hollow)

I scared my roommate squealing too loudly at the adorable
All Star (Lego Lord of the Rings)
What I Like About You (RPF - Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis)
Stop (Spiceworld: The Movie)
Wherever You Will Go (Wallace and Gromit)

I'm having a whole lot of feelings about a source I've never seen
Paper Planes (Bandidas)
Final Round (Pariah)
Paradise Circus (Stoker)
No Church in the Wild (The Tudors)

Oooooooh, pretty!
All We Got (The Great Gatsby)
Love, Save The Empty (Masters of Sex)
Parachute (Masters of Sex)
Toxic (The Red Shoes)

I am NOT crying, I just have an entire tree in my eye
Feeling Good (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
How Does It Feel? (Almost Famous)
Trembling Heart (Dottie Gets Spanked)
Fire Door (Friday Night Lights)
The Ballad of Wesley Crusher (Star Trek: Next Generation)
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Dear Festividder,

Hello! Thank you so much for making me a vid! Please know that I will absolutely adore anything you decide to make for any of these fandoms. I am requesting them all for a reason, and it's because I love them all dearly from the bottom of my heart. Making something YOU want to make is more important to me than matching my every need and request. When someone vids something they really want to be vidding, it always shines through, and it's one of my favorite things about watching other people's work.

Music - Any music is fine. I trust that you'll use what works best for your vid. If you need some direction, I generally like fast-paced songs, rock, mash-ups, alternative, indie, pop, rap, 90s rock, etc. If you are really stuck on something, feel free to comment anonymously, but really, any music is totally okay. :)

Requests - These are all just guidelines, and like I said, I'd rather have you make a vid that you want to make than try to make something you don't love just to make something you know I'll love. I WILL LOVE IT, trust me. I'm incredibly easy to please. I will be bouncing off the walls at go-live, don't you worry. Generally speaking (and this will become very apparent as you click through the lj cuts below), I love ladies, teamwork, friendship, and personality. I like fun vids, action vids, cheesy vids, comedic vids, serious vids, dark vids… ALL THE VIDS. Here are some more details on all the fandoms I've requested (AKA here is a copypasta of my sign-up form):

Animorphs [TV] )
Bates Motel [TV] )
Batman: The Animated Series [TV] )
Ghost Shark [Movie] )
Little Mosque on the Prairie [TV] )
RPF - Little Mix [TV, Web, Music video, Performance] )
Space Cases [TV] )
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip [TV] )

So that is it, Dear Festividder! Go at it, have fun, and make the vid of your heart! As always, treats are more than welcome, too!

<3 elipie
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First of all, a big thank you to [livejournal.com profile] laura47 for encouraging me to start vidding and for telling me about [livejournal.com profile] festivids just in time for sign-ups. I really enjoyed working on both of these and now have three more vids in progress (plus a couple more ideas for when I finish those). Also thank you to [livejournal.com profile] laura47, [livejournal.com profile] ocelotspots, and [livejournal.com profile] broph07 for being my betas/personal cheerleaders for both of these. I guess the streaming doesn't work in some countries, but there are also download links for both.

Without further ado, the vids: )


Jan. 22nd, 2011 01:13 pm
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Someone made me a Back to the Future vid using Tik-Tok for the music. It's amazing and I'm pretty much obsessed.

Watch it here: http://fv-poster.livejournal.com/57712.html


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