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Someone wrote a review of Muse's new album, and naturally I had to review the review:


Maybe if the writer focused less on comparing Muse to bands from different genres with different goals, she would have liked the album more. I admit, it's not one of their best, but it's not like they pulled this idea out of thin air, or tried to "copy" other musicians who do concept albums. Bellamy's been wanting to do one since pretty much the beginning, and conspiracy theories have been a constant theme since day one. I have no idea why the author of this article finds "senseless amounts of absurdity" a bad thing when it comes to Muse, because their lead singer/songwriter talks about "alien invasions, cosmic deathtraps, and good old human megalomania" in practically every single interview he does. Hell, he kept himself in isolation in the mountains for a month or two to write some lyrics and to absorb the natural elements-- the guy is batshit. I feel like the writer of this article is trying too hard to place Muse in the realm of normal music. For crying out loud, comparing them to My Chemical Romance because "Bellamy inexplicably assumes Gerard Way’s earnest top-of-his-thin-lungs bellow over pummelling guitar riffs resplendent with all the tragic melodrama of Twilight"??? Has she ever LISTENED to Muse? They've been doing that shit since before Twilight and My Chemical Romance were even created. This article bothers me because the author completely dismisses all the very Muse-like elements in this album as lazy, copy-cat garbage. If you don't like what the band stands for, you're not going to like the music.


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