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Today was Festivids go-live day!! I still cannot believe I received six(!!!!!) absolutely wonderful vids. They all make me super happy and you should watch them immediately. <3

Batman - Adam West (1966)
Holy Dance Vid, Batman!
I am what I am
Kinky Neighbors

The Flash
The Scientist

Life After Beth
Love is Blue

Pit Bulls and Parolees
I'll be there for you

I've watched about a third of the vids so far, all over the alphabet (seriously -- my vid-watching group uses a number generator so we don't watch a billion vids for the same fandom in a row). Here are some of my favorites so far (that weren't made for me):

The Monster (Black Swan)
Lifesaver (The Cutting Edge)
Centuries (The Flash)
We're All In This Together (The Flash)
The Creationist (Good Eats)
Nothing But Time (Gravity)
Always A Good Time (Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters)
Moves Like Yaweh (Prince of Egypt)
Can't Stop (Romeo + Juliet)
I Could Be (Selfie)
Mirrors (Snow White and the Huntsman)

ETA: Forgot about Guess The Festividder! I made three vids. Can you guess them? You will win a thumbs up and an impressed facial expression from me if you can ping me for any. Here are your hints: One should be obvious for content, one should be obvious for style, and I'd never seen the third vid's source before it was requested for Festivids. None of them are sad (I realized today that I've literally never made a sad Festivid, so this is not really a hint, haha).
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Got back from [community profile] vividcon yesterday and had so much fun! Great vids were watched and interesting conversations were had. I'm not sure if I'll end up doing a con report because *so much* ridiculous stuff happened and I'm not sure if I'll be able to remember it all, but if I did tweet a lot during the con so maybe looking through those will refresh my memory. I am doing recs though because VIDS! \o/

I'm not going to lie, I haven't seen all the Club Vivid premieres. I might do a second recs list eventually once I see them all, but this is based on what I've seen. Links to be added as they're posted.

I do want to start off by saying that I put a star next to every single premiere in the Femslash vidshow except for mine because they were seriously all so great. In fact, you should watch that entire vidshow, if you have access to the stream (and if not, when all the vids are posted you should just go here and watch them all). Consider all of those officially recced by me. :)

Other recs:

No Sunlight by [personal profile] bradcpu [Motorama] - I have never seen this source, but it was easy for me to follow and it was hopeful, dismal, strange, and relatable all at the same time. Definitely worth checking out (if you are not triggered by child abuse).

Dance Alarm by [personal profile] thirdblindmouse [Fast & Furious series] - This vid was SO MUCH FUN omg. I was lucky enough to look this over a few months ago before she submitted it and I can't even tell you the number of times I've watched it since then. The lyrical interpretation is incredibly clever, and I think this is the epitome of what a Club Vivid vid should be.

Work Bitch by [personal profile] rhoboat [Reign] - This vid was super ridiculous and fun, just like the show! Once again, rho took a song I previously hated and made me love it because her vids are so visually stunning and are always engaging. The effects she used worked incredibly well with the source and the song, and also there are clips of someone being fucked out a window, which I have laughed at every single time. Seriously, why are you waiting to watch this vid? GOOO!

Hello by [personal profile] trelkez [Kitchen Confidential] - This vid was a lot of fun and was a wonderful recruiter vid. I'm not sure why I thought this was a reality show up until now but it looks incredibly entertaining, and I would really like to seek it out now.

In The Dark by [personal profile] bradcpu [Sleepy Hollow] - This vid was a huge hit at CVV and just had a beautiful flow to it. It was really well put together and the song/source match was a great idea that ended up working very well.

Rhythm of the Night by [personal profile] kuwdora [RoboCop/Total Recall/Starship Troopers] - If you're a fan of her vids in general, you will probably really enjoy this one. It has [personal profile] kuwdora plastered all over it and you can tell she had a blast making this vid. It's a cool juxtaposition of Paul Verhoeven's films (all of which she had me watch while she was making this vid) and it was super fun to dance to. Also, the last clip in the vid is kinda great.

This Mother's World by [personal profile] grammarwoman [Multi] - This was a vid about miscarriage and infertility and is very upsetting, but I also think it is so important. It's not the type of vid that you probably want to watch over and over again, but it's extremely well-constructed and hits you right where it hurts.

Sweet Ophelia by [personal profile] trelkez [Hannibal] - This is another incredibly gory/violent vid, but if the treatment of women on Hannibal makes you angry, you will probably be furiously nodding along to this vid. Very effective and to the point.

Myxomatosis by [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl [Bates Motel] - I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY ABOUT THIS VID. This was definitely the highlight of the con for me, not only because I love both Bates Motel and [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl's vids, but it was just so well-constructed and it felt like it would make a good deal of sense even without context (which I confirmed with a few people later on). This vid beautifully captured what the show has been building towards and intensified it. The song choice was perfect and the Psycho clips were icing on the proverbial horror cake. I'm probably going to have to watch this vid about 50 more times and analyze it bit by bit, because wow.

Killers On The Run by [personal profile] winterevanesce [Bonnie & Clyde (2013)] - This was another really great recruiter for me. Visually very pretty and emotionally gripping.

Trouble by [profile] cherryice [Despicable Me] - This vid was so fun! Beautiful internal motion, lots of Gru feels, and just a very smart vid all around. It was also absolutely a bright moment in the vidshow, which was very appreciated. :)

Me and the Devil by [personal profile] ohvienna [The Conjuring] - I haven't seen this source, but found this vid visually and emotionally very compelling. Vera Farmiga's face probably helped, but the cutting and intensity kept me engaged and able to follow throughout.

Fantasy by [personal profile] sisabet [The Mindy Project] - This vid just made me really happy and encapsulated what this show is all about. Loved Mindy's eyerolls and quirks, and of course, the way she interacts with everyone. I was totally squeeing the entire time, and the song choice was perfect.

***Flawless by [personal profile] kiki_miserychic [Disney Princesses] - This was such an interesting look at the public's critique of Disney Princesses. The spoken words portions of the audio pretty much whack you on the head several times with the point of the vid, the parallelisms are incredibly well done (and also surprisingly abundant), and it sparks great conversation.

Wake Me Up by Jill, Kathy & Kay [Sinbad] - This was another great recruiter vid. Masterfully edited, good song choice, and made me very interested in seeking out the source.

Slippery Slope by [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl [Fringe] - I've only seen the first season of this show so far (I'm awful, I know) so I couldn't follow this as well as most people probably could, but the emotion still ripped through the screen, and the cutting, as always, was incredibly intense and effective. You don't even have to watch the show to feel impacted, IMO, even though it's context-heavy. I heard someone go "Wow" as soon as this vid finished playing, and... yeah. That.

Chasing Cars by [personal profile] sisabet [due South] - This is a vid about Dief and it made me cry harder than I've ever cried at any vid. It's not even a sad vid! It's just very emotional if you love animals or have ever had a special connection with your pet.
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It took me til Wednesday, but I've finally finished watching all the Festivids! I have 30 recs altogether, including the ones made just for meeeee! :D This year, instead of just listing them, I am putting them into categories that explain why I'm reccing them, and also to help guide people who actually might watch some of these if they're in the mood for something in particular. Here is the masterlist for Festivids 2013, because seriously, there are SO many wonderful vids that I'm not going to talk about here, and there's something for everyone on that list.

Vids made just for meeeeee!
I received three absolutely wonderful vids this year! This is the most vids I've ever received in one year, and all for fandoms I've been re-requesting since I first joined Festivids, so I was completely overjoyed to open my presents. :D

Live While We're Young (Space Cases) - This person either knows me or did their research, because Space Cases to a One Direction song, omg. And I thought the use of the Kidz Bop version was actually quite clever, because it fit the mood of the show better than the original, being a super dorky 90s kids sci-fi show. This vid absolutely captured the fun of the show and I can tell the vidder has as much love for it as I do.
Raise Your Glass (Space Cases) - I am a firm believer that every fandom needs a Raise Your Glass vid, but Space Cases is totally one of the most deserving of it, because if Space Cases didn't already have such an awesome theme song, this would be the perfect replacement. This vidder has a clear love for these characters and the ridiculous plotlines that mirrors mine, and the clips they decided to use had me clapping with glee, because they were some of my favorite memories of the show.
Sheep Go To Heaven (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) - This vid felt so thoughtful to me, because it wasn't a "yay, show!" vid, but rather a kind of snarky criticism of the entertainment industry, kind of like the show itself. I appreciated the direction this vid took more and more each time I watched it, and the song was a perfect match for the source. It had a wonderful abundance of my girl, Jordan McDeere, but it was also an expansive look at the show and characters in it's entirety, and I'm just so glad that someone finally made a vid of this show. <3

Other recs:

Awesome ladies/explosions/general actiony badassery
Run The World (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
Moves Like Jaeger (Pacific Rim)
Let's Get It Started (Raging Phoenix)
Diva Swing (RPF - A.J. Lee [WWE])
Breath of Life (Wonder Woman)

Friends to the End! (Child's Play aka Chucky series)
Ah Ha (Deep Blue Sea)
Radio (Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'?)
(You Drive Me) Crazy (Sharknado)
I'm British (Sleepy Hollow)

I scared my roommate squealing too loudly at the adorable
All Star (Lego Lord of the Rings)
What I Like About You (RPF - Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis)
Stop (Spiceworld: The Movie)
Wherever You Will Go (Wallace and Gromit)

I'm having a whole lot of feelings about a source I've never seen
Paper Planes (Bandidas)
Final Round (Pariah)
Paradise Circus (Stoker)
No Church in the Wild (The Tudors)

Oooooooh, pretty!
All We Got (The Great Gatsby)
Love, Save The Empty (Masters of Sex)
Parachute (Masters of Sex)
Toxic (The Red Shoes)

I am NOT crying, I just have an entire tree in my eye
Feeling Good (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
How Does It Feel? (Almost Famous)
Trembling Heart (Dottie Gets Spanked)
Fire Door (Friday Night Lights)
The Ballad of Wesley Crusher (Star Trek: Next Generation)
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I have now seen ALL THE FESTIVIDS! \o/ Well, almost all...

The only vids I haven't seen yet are the Cabin in the Woods ones because I don't want to be spoiled, but I've heard marvelous things about both of them so I'm going to just go ahead and rec them:
Feel Dead Inc.

And here are 25 vids (of maaaaany) that I really enjoyed, for some reason or another:

Umbrella (2 Broke Girls)
The Game Has Changed (The 4400)
This Night (Batman: Under the Red Hood)
Curiosity (Boy Meets World)
Mowgli's Road (Brideshead Revisited [2008])
Love On Top (Carrie)
The Angelic Look (Charlie's Angels [1976])
Circus of Heartbreakin' Divas (Charlie's Angels movies)
Hand in My Pocket (Dororo)
Electric Feel (Elementary)
All The Rowboats (Godfather series)
Diamonds (Good Will Hunting)
Tonight, Tonight (Hook)
Come and Find Me (Imagine Me & You)
Va Va Voom (A League of Their Own)
Smoke and Mirrors (Mad Men)
Sabotage (Mission Impossible movies)
Blackbird (Nowhere Boy)
Give Me Everything (Parks & Recreation)
Wild One (RPF - Channing Tatum)
Angel (Splice)
Pull My Heart Away (Star Wars - original trilogy)
Titanium (Wonder Woman [1975])
Complicated (You're Beautiful)
Zoolander and I Know It (Zoolander)
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Okay, I went from 22 Premieres vid recs to 16, and finally narrowed it down to 11. I TRIED REALLY HARD. You should really go to the master list and watch all the vids that look interesting to you, because this year's vids were amazingly strong. I plan on doing recs posts for Also Premiering, Challenges, and Club Vivid as well, I just need to sit down and watch them all (some of them again, since I wasn't exactly sober during CVV), and I'm also waiting for a few more vids to be posted. So expect that rec list sometime next week.

Premieres Recs

Raise Your Hand (Marvel movies) by [livejournal.com profile] butterfly - I'm weird and don't usually have Avengers feelings, but this vid gave me a LOT of Avengers feelings. I think just the whole found family thing really gets to me, and this was extremely well-edited with a solid song choice.
The Adventure (Harry Potter) by [livejournal.com profile] greensilver - This made me cry. A lot. And again when we rewatched it at the beginning of In Depth Vid Review. And then again during in depth when someone said something about it that made me have even more feelings. Needless to say this was my favorite vid of the con, but I don't want to spoil it, so I'm going to shut up now.
Hologram (Iron Man) by [livejournal.com profile] sisabet - Tonyyyyy. Basically this vid showed me a perspective that I've never really thought about before, which is my favorite thing to see in vids. I also really liked that during vid review, everyone seemed to read it in a different way.
Lateralus (Fringe) by [livejournal.com profile] rhoboat - I was lucky enough to see this vid before it premiered, so was super excited to see people react to it so positively. The use of numbers and dialogue and editing and everything in this vid is just remarkable. And this is coming from someone who has never seen Fringe.
Masters of War (SGA) by [livejournal.com profile] bironic - I loved this vid for the same reason I loved Hologram, which was that it gave a completely different perspective than most people get out of the source. I won't spoil it, but this vid gave me a lot of thinky feels about SGA.
Possession (Legend of the Seeker) by [livejournal.com profile] bradcpu - Dammit, I really didn't want to get into this show, and now I think I have to watch it. This whole vid was so intriguing, and the way it was put together made me want know more about these characters' arcs (especially Cara -- I felt really strongly about her, even though I have no idea what's happening). Make sure to read the warnings for this one, though.
Ramalama (Once Upon A Time) by [livejournal.com profile] flummery - These vidders always really nail their song choice, and this is no exception. In fact, I think this was my favorite audio/video match of all the vids at VVC this year. It just worked really well for me, atmospherically.
Smack My Bitch Up (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) by [livejournal.com profile] hollywoodgrrl - I still have yet to see any of the TGWTDT movies, but oh my god. This vid was STELLAR. I know I keep talking about song choice, but damn, this song just worked so well with everything that was happening on screen, and the pacing was really great.
Carry On (Captain America) by [livejournal.com profile] settiai - This one was really emotional for me. I honestly didn't love the Captain America movie, but I did really love Steve/Bucky, and Steve's journey combined with Steve/Bucky feels and the use of the song left me in a bit of an emotional mess.
I'm Gonna Be… (Glee) by [livejournal.com profile] milly - Okay, I don't even like Rachel at all, but this vid made me LOVE her. I just have to respect her for knowing what she loves and doing anything and everything to be able to reach her goals, and this vid shows that really well. I also just really love Milly's defined style -- the framing of her vids really make them ten times more meaningful to me than they would be without her unique editing, especially in this vid's case.

Bonus rec: Anything For Love (Thor) by [livejournal.com profile] astolat and [livejournal.com profile] cesperanza - I'm not going to say anything about this vid. If you like fandom, you should watch this vid. That's it.
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These are SO LATE because reveals are tomorrow, but I haven't had internet since I moved on Monday and I'm at a Starbucks writing some last quick notes ridiculously fast because I have to go meet people for dinner in three minutes. /o\ Here are the rest of my Festivids recs!

Outside the Box (Maru the Cat) - Oh my lord. This song works so effing perfectly with Maru peeking into boxes and being the cutest and oh my godddd. Everyone go watch this. Right now.

Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (Maru the Cat) - Also a vid made of perfection. The pacing is really really great as is Maru the Cat.

You Make Me Feel So Young (Mary Poppins) - This is just the sweetest Burt/Mary vid on the planet. And it's to Frank Sinatra. You can't get much better than that.

Walking On Sunshine (Miranda) - I guess Part 2 of my recs is just going to be all the ones I found adorable, because, er, yeah. THIS IS ADORABLE.

The Fear (Misfits) - This is an Alisha character study, and it's really well done. Make sure to heed the warnings in the content notes.

Ooh La La! (Moulin Rouge) - This is just really pretty and fits the tone of the source perfectly.

Ain't No Other Man (Mulan) - Oh, Shang. Also the editing in this is so poppy and wonderful.

Bloom in Adversity (Mulan) - Guh. Mulan. Just… Mulan. I don't really know what else to say, except that this reduced me to tears, and I can't really explain why.

Express Yourself (Newsies) - The choreography and music match PERFECTLY. I don't even know how that's possible. But this is a lot of fun to watch.

Mean Woman Blues (Once A Thief) - Well, this was hot. And adorable. And funny. And awesome. All at once.

Fly (Parks & Recreation) - Hands down my favorite festivid from this year (besides the gift vid I received, of course). This was cute, funny, beautiful, SO fitting, and it reduced me to tears because LESLIE KNOPE. This is exactly the kind of Parks & Rec vid I've been dying to see. This is one of those rare cases where I used to hate the song on its own, and the vid completely changed my opinion of it. Now whenever I hear "Fly" on the radio, I think of Leslie Knope.

What A Man (Pride & Prejudice) - LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. And all laughter aside, this is edited together REALLY well, technically.

He's a Pirate! (The Princess Bride) - This music choice was so clever, and the pacing is really great!

In Spite of Ourselves (Raising Hope) - I ADORED this. I actually liked it about ten times more than the show itself!

Me Against the Music (Red) - Absolutely gorgeous musicality and editing.

Kill the Director (Remindton Steele) - This is a perfect recruiter vid for people like me, who have tragically never seen this show. This vid was so much fun and was clearly made by someone who really adores the source.

Feeling Good (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) - The song choice is so spooky. Love how well it works with the source, despite my initial doubts.

Livin' On A Prayer (Rocky series) - I just love the tone of this vid, and how well the song works with the source.

Friendship and Courage and Whatever (Scott Pilgrim vs the World) - The musicality is STUNNING in this.

Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise (Stand By Me) - This make me start shaking and crying because this vid captures everything about this movie that makes it one of my top 3 favorite movies of all time. <3

Firework and New In Town (Whip It) - Both of these vids made me smile so hard, and made me want to rewatch the movie.
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I am in the process of watching every single vid that's part of [livejournal.com profile] festivids, and I've gotten exactly halfway through the alphabet with 29 recs, so I figured it'd be a good idea to split my recs post into two parts, since I already know at least ten vids I want to rec in the second half of the alphabet. Before I do that, though, I want to talk about the BEST VID EVER:

The vid made for me was AMAZING. It was If You See Kate for Sugar Rush, and oh my god, the amount of squealing and heart-clutching and "YES!"ing I was doing while watching this is pretty indescribable. Basically, if you haven't seen the show, it's about the main character, Kim, discovering she's a lesbian and in love with her best friend, Sugar. I didn't actually put this in my Dear Festividder because at that point I hadn't gotten far enough in the series to know other people existed, but I like Kim's other girlfriends a lot more than Sugar. My dear, beautiful festividder read my mind, however, and included ALL THE GIRLFRIENDS. The entire vid is just perfect, and I'd never heard the song before but it was great and so fitting, and I basically cannot run out of awesome things to say about this glorious vid. You should totally all go watch it and shower my festividder with praise, because they are awesome and deserve it.

Now, onto recs (Fandoms A-L)! )

Additionally, the first person to guess one of the festivids I made gets a free vidlet! Feel free to post any guesses here or at the Guess the Festividder post.


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