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I just wanted to thank everyone who took part in my survey about LJ and identity. It was a giant help and it was interesting to see how so many people felt so differently about the same things (or felt the same, but for a different reason). Paper is finished and turned in. One term paper and two smaller papers to go, and I will be completely done with college by Thursday at 3PM. Woo-hoo!
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As many of you know, I wrote a term paper for my fandom class about user interaction and identity on LiveJournal. I've turned in the rough draft already but a lot of it is based on scholarly essays and my own observations, so I'd really like to hear from other LJ users. Please feel free to discuss these questions or anything else related to these topics with others in the comments, or simply post your own opinions/experiences. I might take some quotes from you guys if it will help the paper so please let me know when you comment if that's not okay or if you'd prefer to be uncredited, and of course I will respect your wishes.

By no means are you required to answer all these questions to participate-- these are just here to get the juices flowing. Please also feel free to link this to anyone else you think might be interested. I'm going to turn anonymous commenting on in my journal for a few days just so the option is there if you want it. Thank you!!

If you are fannish, are you open about it to family and/or real life friends?
Do you have separate LJs/blogs for personal and fannish purposes?
If you do keep separate LJs, what prompted you to create a separate journal? What do you use each journal for (fanworks, fannish discussions, real life occurrences, etc)?
If you don't keep separate LJs, do you use custom groups to separate your persona and fannish posts? Why or why not?
Do you find it more or less interesting when people write about personal events in the same journal in which they write about fandom?

What is the importance of LJ icons in relation to identity?
Why do you think people use fannish language (eg. *hugs*, *pats*, "squee," etc) and do you use it yourself?
What are the positive and negative effects of anonymous commenting, particularly in anonymous memes?
There are very few BNFs on my flist so I don't expect many answers to this question, but in your opinion, what are the best and worst parts of being well-known in a fandom?

When did you sign up for LJ, and why did you start using it?
What other platforms did you use before LJ, if any? Did you stop using them when you moved to LJ, and if so, why?
What are your favorite and least favorite things about LJ? Have these things prompted you to use the site more/less than you would if these aspects didn't exist?
Since moving to LJ, have you started using a different blogging platform? Why or why not? If so, do you use LJ less as a result?


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